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Website Maintenance, Tech Rescue & Support Services

For Soulpreneurs, Conscious businesses, Naturopathic Doctors, Energy Healers, Life Coaches, Shamans, Psychics, Astrologists, Yogis and other like-minded World-Changers.

SUPPORT ME – Website maintenance, tech rescue and support services

Haven’t successfully found a way to clone yourself to get more done? Need help managing your WordPress site, website freshen-ups, adding shiny new graphics and content updates and you see the value in staying in your zone of genius while someone (like moi) in their zone of genius handles it instead (I knew you were a smart cookie!)?

Let me take care of the techie overwhelm and tidbits while you grow and evolve in your business, so you can focus on what you’re best at: Changing lives and making the world a brighter place.


Simple site updates include: Upload and post your blog and blog images, do some page content changes or updates, add a new page, replace a header image, swap out or add a sidebar widget, modify or add a contact form, add a new graphic or shiny button to your site, etc. 

Does not include social media network management – please see Socialize Me Services. All copy content provided by you. Must be a previous client, or be using WordPress along with Divi Theme and have cohesive branding guidelines in place to ensure my design standards and reputation are maintained.

*3 month minimum commitment required to start.

GettiNG stARteD is eAsY

Complete The Discovery Form

Complete the Discovery Form, you will then be sent more information via email on how to book your complimentary Discovery Call.

Book Discovery Call

Once you've completed the Discovery Form you'll hear back from me within 48 business hours with instructions on how to book your Discovery Call.


Confirm & Solidify

After our Discovery Call I'll send you a proposal that meets your custom project needs and then from there you can sign the agreement and pay your invoice.

Magic Begins

Once your project is booked and your start date arrives you're ready to start deep diving into our  co-creative experience.

As To Your Burning Q’s
I don't use WordPress can you still support me?
‘Fraid not buttercup, we’re not a good match.
I don't use Divi Theme, can you still support me?
‘Fraid not buttercup, we’re not a good match.  If I had to learn a new theme each time to support a client it would take me too long to do your work proficiently, besides, I truly love and stand behind Divi.
What is Managed WordPress Hosting and why do you recommend it?
Managed WordPress hosting means that all technical aspects of running a WordPress site is managed by the hosting company. This includes security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability…. Although I’m one to appreciate techie stuff, I much prefer to leave this aspect to the hosting company and truly support you with your site growth and maintenance instead.
How will we communicate during my project?
A beach-breezy blend of  your customer portal, the project management platform of choice (which will keep all of our files, emails and to-dos in one zen-like place), some emails, an online video chat when necessary, and an abundance of virtual high-fives for good measure.
What currency do you charge your services in?

Prices are listed in USD. Canadian clients are subject to applicable taxes.

How do I pay you?

I’m happy to offer all major credit cards, which are processed securely through Stripe; as well ACH options are available for US residents and for Canadians through select financials institutions, you can also pay your invoices via e-transfer.  I do not accept Paypal or cheques.

Fess up: What's one of your coolest life experiences?
Ooo! I’d have to say it’s a 3-way tie between winning a contest to be an astronaut for a day when I was kid, having a local man offer to give me a tour when I was in Japan, and holding my daughters in my arms for the very first time.

World-Changing Web Presence Enabler

Stephanie Markou

Stephanie Markou is a branding/web weaver and detail-obsessed developer who builds online spaces that are just as soulful as the difference-makers who occupy them. Her passion lies in helping her clients claim their calling and inspire ripples of transformation in the lives of others by empowering them with a world-changing web presence that’s functional, purposeful and authentic. She’s also a self-proclaimed world (and heart) explorer, crystal and essential oil enthusiast, and lover of mint chocolate and red wine.

Stephanie Markou of My Soul Essentials


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