Me as a World-Changing Web Presence Enabler & My Soul Essentials

Hey there! I’m Stephanie

Brand/Web weaver and detail-lovin’ developer

And I create soulful spaces for spirited seekers, do-gooders and legacy-makers (like you!) to claim your calling, share your world-changing work and inspire ripples of transformation in the lives of others.


A huge-hearted healer, intuitive coach, creative catalyst or relentless optimist.

A deep-rooted believer that connections are the most valuable form of currency.

A fearless follower of your internal compass and natural energetic flow.

Someone who sees your business as an extended branch of your heart—a purposeful pathway for reaching out and touching others.

And a bird of a different feather who needs a virtual home that’s just as unique as you are.

Because for people like us, entrepreneurship is about more than making a living.

It’s about making a difference.


To transform your warm and fuzzy intentions into a clear, inspired-by-you web presence that ignites that spark in you (and encourages it to burn even brighter).

An online home that’ll feel in-your-bones aligned with who you are… and who you want to serve.


A truth-telling web presence to capture your essence, illuminate your gifts and anchor your message in meaning.

A magical net to catch the eyes and charm the hearts of those perfect-for-you prospects with ease and confidence. (No megaphone or waving arms required.)

And a feel-good space where creativity, consciousness and connection collide to celebrate what makes you so undeniably special.

That’s what I want to help you create. Because when you stand for something, I’m here to stand by your side.

hoW i Got heRe:


My early memories of my dad are of playing on computers together and figuring out how all of the puzzle pieces worked together in harmony. I also watched a lot of horror and crime movies growing up, and with my past life as police officer and in forensics, it’s not surprising that I developed a knack for zeroing in on the small (but BIG impact) details that keep your website running smoothly behind-the-scenes.


I stumbled upon my desire to be a difference-maker in high school when I became Student Council President, and my original career path as a police officer nurtured my helper gene all the more. For me, being of service to others is like drinking a soul-nourishing shake. Invigorating.


I’m always looking for ways to find my zen. From essential oils to yoga, to crystals, planning by the moon and meditation, self-love and awareness are what empower me to create intentional roots, expand into action and grow as a person.

MY teCH CReDs:
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iubenda Certified Bronze Partner

Ready to build a warm and welcoming digital nook where your dream clients will feel like they’re coming home to a big bear hug and outstretched cup o’ chamomile and never wanna leave?

WANt MoRe? 5 fuN fActs ABout Me:

  • The first official website I designed was for my husband, a naturopathic doctor, and ever since I’ve been a self-taught developer (and admitted e-learning junkie).
  • I have a (not so secret) love affair with sci-fi, paranormal romance novels, crystals, essential oils, mint chocolate and red wine.
  • My taste for adventure led me to follow the crumbs of my curiosity; I’ve cuddled a Koala Bear in Australia, seen a Geisha in Japan, and have been blessed to have seen so many known monuments around the World. The adventure continues and thrives in my kids too.
  • I have two daughters, who are both wise beyond their years and have taught me so much about life and myself, I’m blessed and honored to be their mother.
  • I have a love for gif’s…  Below are some of my faves (along with insight into more of what I like haha).

World-Changing Web Presence Enabler

Stephanie Markou

Stephanie Markou is a branding/web weaver and detail-obsessed virtual assistant who builds online spaces that are just as soulful as the difference-makers who occupy them. Her passion lies in helping her clients claim their calling and inspire ripples of transformation in the lives of others by empowering them with a world-changing web presence that’s functional, purposeful and authentic. She’s also a self-proclaimed world (and heart) explorer, crystal and essential oil enthusiast, and lover of mint chocolate and red wine.

Stephanie Markou of My Soul Essentials

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