BRANDiNg, souL-ALigNeD WeBsites, viRtuAL AssistANt seRviCes & MoRe foR CoNsCious eNtRePReNeuRs & BusiNesses

We are a great fit if you are a:

✨ Human Design Coach

✨ Shaman

✨ Astrologer

✨ Tarot / Oracle Reader

✨ Energy Healer

✨ Psychic / Medium

✨ Life Coach

✨ Naturopathic Doctor

✨ Conscious Entrepreneur or Business


I believe we have the innate capacity to create the World we want to live in..

and that starts with YOU!

You have have a limitless capacity to change the World, to raise its vibration using your own unique gifts… your zone of Genius is what YOU bring to the table and together with mine, we can co-create that beautiful vision in your mind’s eye… the one that supports your 10 year vision.

Working with me equips YOU with the tools to create an empowering world-changing web-presence so YOU can touch the lives of sooo many people and create ripple effects of amazing goodness in this World… a World I want to help shape & mold for my daughters & all the children who will shape our futures…

stars crescent moons full moon

you inspire me,
you and your unique gifts light me up,
ignite my inner torch, and make me feel alive.

I’m just me, imagine what we can accomplish together?

I’m already invested in you; invest in your self, your business,


stars crescent moons full moon
Stephanie Markou is a World-Changing Web Presence Enabler who specializes in branding and web-design for soulpreneurs, holistic health practitioners and conscious businesses.

Hey there World-Changer! Nice to e-meet you, I’m Stephanie!

I’m a World-changing Web Presence Enabler, I work with people like you… Soulpreneurs, holistic health practitioners and conscious businesses. I help you step into a soul-aligned branding packaged up with website design & development, virtual assistant services, e-book design, email marketing presence and a few more crystals up my sleeve.

By co-creating together you walk away empowered with a world-changing web presence that enables you to touch the lives of sooo many people, that illuminates your gifts, that helps share your vision and ensures you are equipped to support your mission.

And that’s a huge honour for me because what I’m über passionate about is helping you create ripple effects of change in the World! A World I want to help shape & mold for my daughters & all the children and future leaders to come.  Read more about me and My Soul Essentials.

Trust Your Intuition, Work With Me

Let’s co-create, so you can share your gifts with the World!

rich pastel watercolor crystal - copyright My Soul Essentials

Let's Co-CReAte


Virtual Assistance + Website Maintenance & Support – Haven't found a way to successfully clone yourself and look after all those tasks you need to do from all those hats you wear? Let me take care of the tidbits while you grow and evolve in your business, so you can focus on what you're best at: Changing lives and making the world a brighter place.



Soul-aligned Branding through my signature "Ignite Your Inner Torch Branding Journey™" program coupled with my web-weaving skills. I design and develop easy-to-update custom Kajabi or WordPress websites using the Divi Theme that are search engine optimized & conversion-centred so you can connect with more people to fulfill YOUR mission.


My signature "Ignite Your Inner Torch Branding Journey™" program will help you unearth your purpose and dive into your soul-centred vision and you will discover your own inner torch branding, one that is truly aligned to you to which your soul cries out a resounding “YES”.


Working with your current branding identity guidelines, I design and develop easy-to-update custom Kajabi or WordPress websites (using Divi Theme) that are search engine optimized & conversion-centred so you can connect with more people to fulfill YOUR mission.


Looking for a recognizable brand vibe across your social media platforms? Whether it comes to setting up your Facebook Group, Instagram Profile, having brand consistency in your post images or simply just scheduling all those amazing posts you have, I can help you. Start spreading your message (and impact) in style.


You're more than a soulful leader. You're a savvy one.  So when you swoop into the inbox of your followers, you want to ensure that the connection you make is a memorable one.  Even if you find building or designing your newsletter too overwhelming or confusing, I can help you look like the pro you are when you're pouring your passion through the screen.


E-Book & Content Upgrade Design – Your World-Changing Web Presence wouldn’t be complete without empowering your clients and followers with their own tools to help them on the journey when they chose to align with you.  Keeping in line with your branding identity, I design brand-aligned e-books/PDFs to help you grow your business. 


Custom Projects To Meet Your Needs - Maybe you don't need a full blown website, but you need a course site, funnels or a sales page or you could use a boost when it comes to your online presence. Explore my à la carte offerings - check the pages most related to your service of interest or request a custom quote.


Business Strategy – Are you just not sure how to make all the pieces of that beautiful masterpiece in your head come together? Not sure which system(s) would work best but overwhelmed when it comes to trying to sort out all those tech features with what you really need and stay on budget? Then you need an enlightening session.

YouR souLfuL sPACe AWAits You…

World-Changing Web Presence Enabler

Stephanie Markou

Stephanie Markou is a branding/web weaver and detail-obsessed virtual assistant who builds online spaces that are just as soulful as the difference-makers who occupy them. Her passion lies in helping her clients claim their calling and inspire ripples of transformation in the lives of others by empowering them with a world-changing web presence that’s functional, purposeful and authentic. She’s also a self-proclaimed world (and heart) explorer, crystal and essential oil enthusiast, and lover of mint chocolate and red wine.

Stephanie Markou of My Soul Essentials

Resources & Recommendations for Soulpreneurs

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