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Email Marketing Services with Kajabi,  ActiveCampaign or Mailerlite

For Soulpreneurs, Conscious businesses, Naturopathic Doctors, Energy Healers, Life Coaches, Shamans, Psychics, Astrologists, Yogis and other like-minded World-Changers.

ENGAGE ME – Email marketing services with ActiveCampaign (or Mailerlite).

You’re more than a soulful leader. You’re a savvy one.  So when you swoop into the inbox of your followers, you want to ensure that the connection you make is a memorable one.  Even if you find automations or building and/or designing your newsletter too overwhelming, confusing, or just too plain time-consuming, I can help you look like the pro you are when you’re pouring your passion through the screen.

ENGAGE ME is for you if you’re ready to have greater control over email marketing and deeper insights when it comes to your email lists, website interactions and cart abandonments.  While also allowing you to simplify and automate functions and processes so that they seamelessly talk to each other, freeing up your time so you can focus on your zone of genius.

eNGAGe Me eNCoMPAsses:

Pastel Watercolor Crystal
  • Welcome Package – You’ll be setup with a welcome package to keep you in the loop and ban stress from the creative process.
  • Techie Groundwork – Contact list Database Upload (max 3) with Kajabi / ActiveCampaign / Mailerlite – accounts must be setup with your legal agreements in place already.
  • 30 Min Clarity Consult – to distill your message into an eye-catching newsletter design that’ll warm the hearts of your followers.
  • 1 Email Template – Specific to your company’s unique branding and needs. Includes up to two concepts and up to two revisions on your selected concept.
  • 1 Customized Email Campaign Header Banner Image
  • Sign-up Form – using Kajabi, ActiveCampaign’s or Mailerlite’s form customization options.
  • 1 Thank-You for Subscribing Page – on your website (must be using either Kajabi,  WordPress with Divi Theme or Square).
  • 1 Spreadsheet Template – to help you organize your tags
  • Testing – to make sure it all runs smoothly
  • 30 Min Training – So you know how to use the system going forward.
  • Collaborative Workspace – I believe in keeping spaces green as much as possible, but not to worry I will walk you through how to manage and new digital workspaces we use, and I’m sure you’ll have a new-found love for them after!

Investment: $588.00

Approx. Timeline: 2-3 Weeks

E-mail marketing services are adaptable to meet your needs with add-ons. *** Email Marketing Platforms such as ActiveCampaign and Mailerlite and software platforms like Kajabi are annual/monthly paid services depending on the provider/plan.  The services and packages do not include the cost of these services, they are an additional expense you are responsible for.   (Please note: I only take on a few clients at a time to ensure you get all of the design love & personalized attention you deserve).

E-Mail Marketing Services À la Carte + Add-Ons

Need something on an ongoing basis? Check out my Virtual Assistance Offerings.

DO IT: Template Design for Kajabi, ActiveCampaign or Mailerlite - $222

Email Template Design

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You’ve got your beautiful website, your on-brand social media, now all you need is branded email newsletters and campaigns to match!

Custom Template Design Includes:

Fully designed layout concept is created in your ActiveCampaign or Mailerlite account as a template, including a signature and linking of social media accounts.


Need something more specific (email course automation, automation funnels, welcome sequences, etc.) Contact Me.

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Must be using ActiveCampaign along with a WordPress based website using either the Divi Theme or OptimizePress Theme.

GettiNG stARteD is eAsY

Complete The Discovery Form

Complete the Discovery Form, you will then be sent more information via email on how to book your complimentary Discovery Call.

Book Discovery Call

Once you've completed the Discovery Form you'll hear back from me within 48 business hours with instructions on how to book your Discovery Call.


Confirm & Solidify

After our Discovery Call I'll send you a proposal that meets your custom project needs and then from there you can sign the agreement and pay your invoice.

Magic Begins

Once your project is booked and your start date arrives you're ready to start deep diving into our  co-creative experience.

tiMeLiNe exPeRieNCe



This is when we plant the seeds of your vision! You’ll complete my Discovery Form and then book your Discovery Call to chat timelines, discover what stirs your soul, and see if our spirits align. If we’re born to be co-creators, we’ll deal with the proposal and boring (but necessary) agreement and invoice/payment plan before we get off to a soaring start.


This is where you’ll complete my e-Mail Marketing Questionnaire, hand over your content, copy + digital assets (photos/graphics) giving me just the insights I’ll need to create magic.




This is when we’ll strive to harmonize our visions by clarifying those little details that’ll foster a sense of blushy pride and deep-down fulfillment in your email setup.   I’ll work my magic behind the scenes. (Translation: I’ll whip out my branding magic, lightining bolts, inspiration dust and/or code alchemy). Then we’ll reconnect to share feedback, tweak and refine, and put those final flourishes to work for you.


Voilà! Your new email newsletter project will be introduced to the rest of the World.  Like a beautiful bloom, your mission will unfurl and spread to the people you most want to serve.  Everyone is gonna hear you roar! (A celebratory facial may be in order.)




Should anything go awry (or it’s Mercury Retrograde Season) and you need a little tech TLC within 14 days of your project end date, I’ll be here to help soothe your nerves. When it comes to your email marketing, you’ll enjoy 7 days of email support to make sure you’re cozy in your email setup.  For longer TLC care, be sure to explore my Support Offerings.

As To Your Burning Q’s
I don't have my copywriting/photoshoot done yet, can I start my e-book anyways?

If you are booking ahead of time and know that it will be done and in your hands at least 2 weeks before our start date, then yes, you can book ahead.  However, if you’re looking at an open spot on my schedule that starts right away, then no, unfortunately not.  Having all of the content ready for your ebook design project not only ensures we stay on track with the timelines, but it also means you or I won’t be scrambling to get things done with the right energy behind it.  Much of the design process is based on copywriting and other elements you provide.

What if I forget about a page/feature I'd like included?

I get it, sometimes we think we’ve got everything covered and then oops… you’re left wondering how you forgot such a detail. Not to worry.. let me know what you’d like to see included and I’ll get back to you with a revised timeline/new timeline as well as any additional costs if applicable.

What if I need more revisions?

I’m here to please, and should you need to go beyond the number of revisions included in your project to make sure everything meets your “I’m speechless!” approval or if your project scope changes, we’ll proceed with additional work using my current hourly rate of $85/hr.

What if I need to change my project start date?

I understand that life happens, I do my best to ensure that when you book your start date you are aware of the content I need before hand and your time investment required to complete your project.  Should something arise that truly affects your ability to stick to our timeline your deposit/payment-in-full is non-refundable but can be applied to a future time-slot in my calendar (subject to an administrative re-booking fee) within the following 12 months based on availability at the time of rebooking.  Please understand that I have set aside that time just for you and as such by re-scheduling I often cannot simply just add someone else into that project time-slot. I only book a certain number of projects at a time to ensure I’m delivering the highest quality service as possible to you.

How will we communicate during my project?

A beach-breezy blend of  your customer portal, the project management platform of choice (which will keep all of our files, emails and to-dos in one zen-like place), some emails, an online video chat when necessary, and an abundance of virtual high-fives for good measure.

What currency do you charge your services in?

Prices are listed in USD. Canadian clients are subject to applicable taxes.

How do I pay you?

I’m happy to offer all major credit cards, which are processed securely through Stripe; as well ACH options are available for US residents and for Canadians through select financials institutions, you can also pay your invoices via e-transfer.  I do not accept Paypal or cheques.

Are payment plans available?

Of course! Payment plans vary depending on what package or services we agree to. Some require to be paid in full before we start, some require a deposit due at the time of signing to secure your spot in my calendar followed by instalments. Poke me for details. For all website projects (including those paired with branding) a 30-50% non-refundable deposit is due upon signing of the agreement (dependent on how close to the start date you sign on). Retainer support services are billed in advance on a monthly basis unless you choose to pay annually.

What isn't included in your e-book design services and packages?

While this isn’t all encompassing, typically what isn’t covered in most e-book packages is the following:

  • The cost of licensed stock photography or graphics (in order to use it, you need to hold the license to do so)
  • Still not clear? No worries! Just ask me for more details and I’d be happy to give you the full rundown on package specifics.
Fess up: What's one of your coolest life experiences?

Ooo! I’d have to say it’s a 3-way tie between winning a contest to be an astronaut for a day when I was kid, having a local man offer to give me a tour when I was in Japan, and holding my daughters in my arms for the very first time.

World-Changing Web Presence Enabler

Stephanie Markou

Stephanie Markou is a branding/web weaver and detail-obsessed virtual assistant who builds online spaces that are just as soulful as the difference-makers who occupy them. Her passion lies in helping her clients claim their calling and inspire ripples of transformation in the lives of others by empowering them with a world-changing web presence that’s functional, purposeful and authentic. She’s also a self-proclaimed world (and heart) explorer, crystal and essential oil enthusiast, and lover of mint chocolate and red wine.

Stephanie Markou of My Soul Essentials

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